Incredible Survivor. . .Jack Eadon

Jack Eadon is an incredible survivor of five epidermoid brain tumor surgeries.

Jack is well aware of surgical deficits. Since August, 2010, his fifth and final surgery, he has been unable to swallow because of resulting trauma to cranial nerve in the brain stem, particularly six neurological controlling nerves that provide the innervation for both swallowing and speech. For years Jack has not eaten normally and his intake of nourishment has only been liquid food through a G-Tube.

Diagnosed at an early age in 1978, Jack had four surgeries before his epidermoid brain tumor was completely excised with the fifth surgery in 2010. His battle with the epidermoid brain tumor has been challenging, yet he remains determine and lives daily the Epidermoid Brain Tumor Society’s refrain of “Keep on keeping on. . .”

Never one to give up, Jack has taken therapy since 2010 to be able to swallow again. In 2012 Jack visited the swallowing team at University of California at Davis and participated in a high level “boot camp” for swallowing deficits. His latest therapy was a 2015 trip to New Zealand to have dysphagia evaluation and treatment by a highly recommended team at Eats Clinic, headed by Dr. Maggie-Lee Huckabee. Jack, a prolific author who writes a good story, sent photos and reports back to EBTS, of his hard work with the Eats Clinic Team. Tests seemed to be going well, but on Day 8, the morning sessions were stopped because the upper esophageal sphincter would not relax. 

From Jack’s daily report to EBTS:

Day #9 EATS CLINIC – Christchurch, New Zealand

Jack Eadon #2 picAfternoon Session

Had a lot of trouble getting the catheter in my nose into a good position. Going in four time really wore me out. I was not able to generate the appropriate screens reactions because I was somewhat distracted by the catheter’s placement. Nonetheless, I tried to get in touch with the swallowing process and the rest I had between sessions was positive. Tomorrow will be my last official day. When I return home I will put together a plan to reinvent myself once again, determine what my next steps should be and lay out a plan and my schedule for the next few months. 

Jack was advised that unless his esophageal sphincter relaxed, there was nothing that could be done by Eats Clinic to help him swallow. Plans for staying longer at Eats Clinic were halted. Jack commented that he felt the trip was useful, and that he did manage to get feedback gaining information from tests. There has been progress. Five years ago, he couldn’t walk, talk, or swallow. Now he can walk, sorta talk (his own words), but hasn’t yet swallowed, though he thinks he’s getting close. He never gives up! In fact, Jack’s “going to make it”! These words are from his titled memoir written about his life in the sixties, focusing on his rock band in Chicago, IL, US, is inspirational in all of his endeavors. 

Jack is a man of many talents, from his younger days when he led his own band, a rock ‘n’ roll band, Khazad Doom, from suburban Morton Grove, Illinois, throughout the sixties and early seventies, performing in and around Chicago. Artistically, over nine years, they forged a kind of music now called Progressive Rock. Jack, in a sixties memoir, Got To Make It!, wrote of his rock band and about his years with the band and the unusual decade together. After their split in 1972, during the eighties, the band achieved cult status when their promo album LEVEL 6 1/2 was issued and distributed throughout Europe. As leader, Jack drove the band toward it’s goal of stardom.

Jack entered the corporate world with his MBA in 1974, which took him to 1983. Never idle, he went into photography and sold to major corporate clients. Another surgery and deficits with long recuperation and time created an author, and if you check out Amazon and his personal webpage, you will find his American Drama Series, novels with premises of moralistic drama in contemporary America. 

Asked about his writing he remarked about his books – fiction-based-on-fact – that readers will read how he parlayed a handful of brain surgeries into a handful of careers and a future. Living up to his plan of reinventing himself again in his remarks after his New Zealand trip, Jack is now utilizing his photography skills and creating one of a kind artistic works. He truly is a man of many talents. 

Jack Eadon is a caring and thoughtful man and with his journey/adventure to New Zealand, he provided support to two medical support groups, the Epidermoid Brain Tumor Society (EBTS) and the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders (NFOSD by placing on his personal webpage his journey with a plea to donate to these medical support organizations. EBTS is thankful and grateful for his support and generosity.

Jack resides in southern California with his wife, two cats, and his constant companion, Pookie, the friendly dog.