HOUSE CALL with Dr. Chris Chiou


The Epidermoid Brain Tumor Society welcomes Dr. Chris Chiou to its membership. In March, 2013, Dr. Chiou was diagnosed with a 4.5 cm brain mass in the posterior fossa. The next week, the mass was removed in a 16 hours surgery. The mass was identified as an epidermoid brain tumor. Since surgery, Dr. Chiou went from fully functional to disabled overnight from post-surgical deficits. In May, 2014, he decided that his story needed to be told and began the blog;
  Reprinting articles from his own blog, and writing new ones especially geared to the epidermoid patient, Dr. Chiou shares his particular insight with his own journey, both as a doctor and as a patient.

In June, 2016, Dr. Chiou was featured on the
American Academy of Family Physician’s website!
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