20 Mar

Calmer Heads Prevail

Calmer heads prevail. I have lived my life by this saying. In times of crises this seems to hold true, now more than ever. It seems as if every time I pick up my phone a new news flash pops up, “Death Toll in the Thousands,” or “Colleges Go to Online Lectures,” or even “NCAA Basketball Tournament Canceled.” In times like this it is important to try and keep a level head. There are aspects we CAN control (hand washing, face touching, etc.) but also some aspects are out of our control (for example: death toll, vectors of how it’s spread, countries it is prevalent in.)  In the face of such adversity it is vitally important that we keep a level head. Yes, the situation is crappy, but I can assure you that constantly worrying about it does not help. I liken the situation to trying to hold your breath under water: the person with their heads calmly submerged is going to last longer than someone who is thrashing about under the surface.

As I said in the beginning of this piece, it is important to realize that with this virus, there are aspects of it we can and cannot control – but there are also aspects we can control – diligent hand washing, no face touching, and social distancing. One of these under our control that is never mentioned is our reaction – does fighting over toilet paper really help or would keeping a level head amidst this crisis be a better and more productive reaction?

As a medical professional, the adverse effects of such a mass panic become more tangible, manifesting as lack of staff, lack of equipment, and lack of supplies. I realize that this and many of my other posts may come across as preachy, but I am by no means downplaying this dire situation, I am simply imploring you to remember that a sense of calm can help in this adversity.